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Disaster always strikes at the most inopportune time. Fortunately, the Restoration 1 water damage experts can quickly help you get your home or place of business back in order. Whether is roof damaged that has allowed a slow leak of rain water in, or a flood that left water in the basement, we can handle it.

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Tuscaloosa water damage

Expert Water Damage Restoration & Clean Up

You may never be fully prepared for water damage, just because it can happen at any time. For instance, a flash flood may occur, a piece of plumbing could blow out, or hail could break through a skylight and let the rain in.

Whatever the cause, Restoration 1 of Tuscaloosa is ready to help. We provide unparalleled water damage restoration in Tuscaloosa, AL. Just make one call and our technicians will be on the way to restoring your property!

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The Ultimate Water Damage Restoration Guide

Flood damage can be found in any geographical area, regardless of elevation. The common causes of flooding can be due to heavy rainfall, pipe bursts, backed-up sewer lines, or broken fixtures and appliances such as toilets, refrigerators, sinks, and washing machines. When you experience a devastating event such as this, it’s important to reach out to a water damage restoration expert here at Restoration 1 of Tuscaloosa.

Flooded Home with Water Damage

Understanding Water Extraction

Proper water extraction is a multi-phase process. After a water loss, there will often be standing water. To diminish water damage, Restoration 1 uses high volume flood extractors and pumps to remove excess standing water.

Water Damage Repair Process

Using these high volume extractors and pumps results in maximum water removal from all hard surfaces such as:

  • hardwood flooring
  • tile
  • carpet/pad
  • water in basement

This is done before progressing to the next step of the drying process. State-of-the-art dehumidifiers with smart intelligence are then employed to extract additional water from the atmosphere. In addition, commercial fans are strategically placed to aid the drying of all the affected areas. Specialized technicians will monitor the drying process from beginning to end, making daily adjustments as drying progresses.


Moisture Detection

Moisture can hide in the most unthinkable places. We use special equipment to detect any unwanted moisture in your home.


Water Removal

Unattended moisture can lead to mold growth and additional damage. We have trained personnel and equipment to handle any issue.  


Dehumidify Areas

Our latest technology allows for faster drying time, getting you back in your home faster.

Contact Our Water Damage Repair Expert

If you’ve found your home or commercial property flooded, please reach out to us immediately so that we can assess the damage and begin the repair or restoration process before the problem gets any worse!

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Recognized and Certified For Water Damage Repair

Restoration 1 achieves high marks in state and national construction standards and certifications.

Restoration 1 Water Damage Repair
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