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Restoration 1 of Tuscaloosa has proven success in eliminating the Coronavirus and Covid-19 virus in home and commercial settings. We have proven sanitizing techniques and solutions that not only kill the virus on contact, but keep the virus from establishing a presence on any surface after the cleaning has been performed.

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Tuscaloosa Sanitizing and Disinfection Services

The corona cleaning services experts at Restoration 1 of Tuscaloosa are fully prepared during this pandemic to sanitize and disinfect your home or business adhering to the guidelines set by the CDC. We also use techniques and technology that proactively inhibits the survival and growth of the Cornoavirus and Covid-19 in your home or business. Our restoration experts are trained to perform a thourough facilities, equipment and structure cleaning and disinfection. The cleanup process involves the sanitization and disinfecting of all human touched surfaces.

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As flu and coronavirus/covid-19 cases are beginning to surge, now is the time to engage in proactive protection against these viruses in your home or business. Reach out to us by using the form below or calling us at:

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Defense against Viruses and Pathogens

At Restoration 1 of Tuscaloosa, we offer fast, affordable, biological decontamination service experts. We specialize covid cleaning services and in the whole space disinfection of banks, doctors offices, schools etc. Don’t let a virus slow down your business. Call today to discuss service options and response times to meet your needs.

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Proactive defense against Viruses and Pathogens

The COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic has changed the way we live, move, and do business on a global scale. Politicians and Business leaders alike have been forced to deal with the overwhelming toll that a single virus can have on not only their local and national economies, but on the world wide economy that affects all 7 billion people on this planet.

If you find yourself in this same mind set, then it may be time to think about using Restoration 1 of Tuscaloosa as your defense against these fatal viruses. Not only does Restoration 1 provide cleaning services that clean and protect against COVID-19 (coronavirus), but also against other airborn and surface spreading viruses and pathogens that could be harmful and potentially fatal to you, your family, and your business.

Sanitization and Disinfectant Experts

If you have a COVID-19 (coronavirus) problem, please reach out to us so we can begin the cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting process immediatly.

We offer same day cleaning services to get you back in operation as quickly as possible.

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Restoration 1 achieves high marks in state and national construction standards and certifications.

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Please ask about our 90 day product, Covershield, to aid in your fight against Covid-19!